In the beginning, fear was a basic, simple emotion for us humans. For any animal, this emotion provided a protective function. It allows for us to take notice of dangers and get away from it. For humans it poses a benefit, allowing us to remember dangers and avoid them next time. Fear is the oldest and strongest emotion known to man and is something deeply “programmed” into our nervous system and subconscious.

However, overtime fear has evolved. Through our history, actual dangers that we used to face gradually lessened in intensity as we began to take more control of things and our environment. So, you would think then that fear would lessen in a result of this. On the contrary, fear, since then began to multiply and intensify.

These days people worry about their status in society. We started to worry whether people liked us, or how we fit into a group. More and more anxieties have been created for our livelihoods, the future of our families, our health, and the aging process. Instead of fear being a simple protective mechanism, it has become a monster made up of generalized anxiety.

What had happened was, after the years of feeling fear and for it not being able to go away, we had to find something to direct our anxieties toward, no matter what it was, how small or improbable. Even though we live in a safer world and even a bit more predictable than what our ancestors knew, our anxieties and fear have only increased. Fear was not designed for that purpose.

After an event that enables the fear mechanism, that emotion of fear supposed to go away afterward. Nowadays people cannot get rid of the fear and they lay inside of us, in result, these fears tend to shape the way we see the world. Now, we no longer only feel fear because of some threat, we now have fear for life itself. We exaggerate the dangers, our vulnerabilities, and we instantly focus on the possible adversities. We don’t see this phenomenon because we have already accepted this as being normal. We’re usually fine when we are faced with legitimate troubles and fear does its job. It’s when we are faced with the moments where we need to solve problems face reality, move forward with our lives, etc., that monstrous fear, stabs us in the back and paralyzes us.

The Shift

Today we are faced with certain challenges in the world. The world has become a lot more competitive and the economy is filled with vulnerabilities that need attention and reinvention. With these situations, the thing that will determine success is a fearless attitude and taking a look at the reality of it all. We can give in to fear and just run away and do nothing, or face the fear and attack that monster with boldness and energy.

We are all too afraid. Afraid of offending people, stirring up conflict, going against the grain of the crowd or majority (80/20 ratio), or even being bold and taking action. As individuals and also as a whole, we need to shift our paradigm and overcome this downward trend of having a fearless attitude and evolve bigger than that “Goliath” called fear.

– Kevin


The Dumbest Generation