I remember one day back in 2008, after an afternoon of playing basketball with some guys, we were casually conversing about random things. During that time there was the presidential race going on. So, I went ahead and asked them their opinion on the candidates for president. One of them blurted out “Who’s running?”. Shocked by his reply I just looked at him with a dumbfounded look, until, a guy who appeared to be a friend of his changed the subject as it seemed he didn’t know either.

A couple of days later, I came across the same group of guys on the basketball court. Shooting around to get warmed up for a game, one of them excitingly asked “Who do you guys think is gonna’ be the next American Idol?”, referring to the popular television show. As I didn’t participate in the debate I listened to their enthusiastic conversation of “he/she deserves to win because…, he should’ve been in the final…, I’m going to vote for…” and so on it went.

As I recall this event in my thoughts, I am brought to think about the broader view of things and where the younger generation (30 years old and younger), the future leaders, are headed for the years to come. Realistically thinking, I begin to theorize that a generation of know-nothings will jeopardize our future. The decline of literary reading, the influences of today’s digital media, and the deficit of knowledge makes this theory a likely outcome.  Continue reading