“Change is a sign of a vibrant life.”

I have written a few blogs so far that may or may not have “clicked” for you. They may have inspired you to take on a new perspective and possibly act upon them and use some of the information in your lifestyle and/or thinking. If none of the publishings so far haven’t, don’t shy away from this one too quickly.

Some of the publishings may have inspired you to change the way you think or live your life. That’s great because that is what I aspire to do, to shift your paradigm. I’m inspired to do this because I want to help and serve people.

I look to open people up to information to help them to live a successful and meaningful life. I have embraced all of what I’m sharing with you to build successful businesses (Tree Trimming Honolulu), lead a happy and fulfilling life, and be content with all of it.

But, one of the fundamental things you, as a reader, should understand is change. As you may want to change your thinking and lifestyle, it is not likely to come easy for most of you. So, let’s take a look at the essence, axioms, and the challenges of changeContinue reading