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You Afraid? Deal With It!

The Axiom

There are two ways of dealing with fear. One is passive and the other is active. When you are in passive mode you seek to avoid any situation that causes any anxiety. This could be things like putting off certain decisions in which you would hurt someone’s feelings. Or it could be opting for everything to be safe and for you to feel comfortable in your daily life so that no amount of messiness can enter. You feel this way because you feel that you are fragile and would be damaged or affected by anything you dread.

The other way people deal with fear is the active variety. Most of us have experienced this in our lives. It’s the situations that bring up the risky or difficult situations that we fear. Examples would be a natural disaster, the loss of someone close, losing a huge amount of fortune, a life-threatening situation, etc. In these situations, we have no choice but to deal with them. We fear them, but when we do come across them, we find the inner strength to overcome it and in the end we usually find it wasn’t so bad. And then what happens? After a while we forget about these situations, only to fear them once again. Crawling into our little shells and going back into the passive mode. A recurring event that results from our own human habits and fear.

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The Becoming of Irrational FEAR

In the beginning, fear was a basic, simple emotion for us humans. For any animal, this emotion provided a protective function. It allows for us to take notice of dangers and get away from it. For humans it poses a benefit, allowing us to remember dangers and avoid them next time. Fear is the oldest and strongest emotion known to man and is something deeply “programmed” into our nervous system and subconscious.

However, overtime fear has evolved. Through our history, actual dangers that we used to face gradually lessened in intensity as we began to take more control of things and our environment. So, you would think then that fear would lessen in a result of this. On the contrary, fear, since then began to multiply and intensify.

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