“Change is a sign of a vibrant life.”

I have written a few blogs so far that may or may not have “clicked” for you. They may have inspired you to take on a new perspective and possibly act upon them and use some of the information in your lifestyle and/or thinking. If none of the publishings so far haven’t, don’t shy away from this one too quickly.

Some of the publishings may have inspired you to change the way you think or live your life. That’s great because that is what I aspire to do, to shift your paradigm. I’m inspired to do this because I want to help and serve people.

I look to open people up to information to help them to live a successful and meaningful life. I have embraced all of what I’m sharing with you to build successful businesses (Tree Trimming Honolulu), lead a happy and fulfilling life, and be content with all of it.

But, one of the fundamental things you, as a reader, should understand is change. As you may want to change your thinking and lifestyle, it is not likely to come easy for most of you. So, let’s take a look at the essence, axioms, and the challenges of change


Throughout history, we see an abundance of change in lifestyles, businesses, music, art, entertainment, etc. People’s morals, values, attitudes, needs, wants, and desires change. Conditions and things change so, we have to be aware of change, and we need to adjust to change.

You will never know when you will have to adjust to things or when major changes are going to take place. In order to move forward in life, one needs to anticipate and embrace change.

The Mindset

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

Obviously, we know that things change. But, what you need to understand is your mindset towards change, the way your brain operates, and the way your life operates. You must change the way you react, anticipate, look at, and handle change so that it is not something you fear or resist from, but something you embrace and anticipate.

The mindset of “when things change, you change,” is the ideal mentality to adopt when embracing change. Flexibility and being able to adapt to whatever situation is essential to change and fundamental to a successful and meaningful life. “Losers” and/or victims are people that lock into the past or present, resulting in them not being able to take hold of the future. As opportunities open up they will reject them because of their inability to let go of the past or the present.

With the attitude of change, it gives you the ability to turn around negative situations and the ability to move ahead as things move ahead in your life, career, relationships, businesses, etc.

The Resistance

“There will always be resistant forces.”

We know that change is essential to the success in our lives. So, why don’t more people change? Resistance to change is built into us. The human habit and human nature are “programmed” to resist change. Any ideas and actions contrary to a person’s belief system will not be acted upon. Two of the biggest things most people need to have is significance and security which is greatly contrary and resistant to the change mindset.

When a new idea or concept is introduced to people, most of the time the body will resist the change that it is provoked with. This is called “double-mindedness.” We have the natural inclination to resist things, and those things may be the very things that could be good for us. So, other than analyzing the things that we are resisting, we should do a little metacognition and realize that the problem may us and our own thinking. In which isn’t an easy task either since we are usually biased towards ourselves.

Having this battle personally, is challenging enough. It doesn’t make it any easier when the majority of the population is also thinking the same way towards the resistance of change (80/20 Principle). It is difficult for people to “go against the grain” or be different from the majority. So, a majority of people follow others, which in a result is contrary to change itself. In the western society, some even view change as being a negative thing. It is evident in music, movies, media, etc.

Here are the top 10 reasons why people resist change:

10) Too satisfied with the way things are.

  1. It creates fear of the unknown.

8) Their normal routine is disrupted.

  1. The change wasn’t their idea.
  2. Change creates the fear of failure.
  3. The purpose of the change is unclear.
  4. The change may mean they will lose something personally that they value.
  5. The reward is perceived as not being worth the effort the change requires.
  6. It requires additional commitment.
  7. Tradition.

-Stanford Research Group

Eliminate the Resistance to Change

“Greater Battle->Greater Victory->Greater Reward”

Some key factors to eliminate the resistance to change:

  1. Time
  2. Exposure
  3. More information
  4. Participation
  5. Emphasize the benefits and not the negatives

The Shift

The real root to change (the 20%) is your mindset. We do need structure and a foundation in our lives. But, the key is to keep the structure flexible and able to “sway with the wind,” and not to be too rooted where you can’t move. Another analogy would be-be like water. Water can destroy and create power, but yet have the flexibility to conform to anything.

What will happen if you do not make the choice? Absolutely nothing. Change for the positive. Do not fear change, but anticipate it and embrace it. It’s a small step that will prepare you for bigger things in the future, or otherwise, you will be left behind. Shift, or rather change your paradigm.